Our Mission

Data aquistion, book keeping & audits on isolated systems are millenia old processes - right from the first ledger creation.
Instead of digitzing this age old process, we assetize & distribute data securely for a standardized cross platform, efficient & cost effective industry wide system.

Erebor was founded to create a paradigm shift in the way that people & organizations transact in a capitalistic economy. Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain & Hyperledger with their well documented advantages of transparency, security, immutability & consensus are the foundation on which your organisation can progress towards futuristic implications.

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Erebor Cybernetics
Health Care

Part 1 /5 in the Blockchain Series, this ebook illustrates a global distributed system of Patient Data & it's advantages to the key stakeholders of this industry.

Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection

Part 2/5 in the Blockchain Series, Environmental protection & the people's ability to monitor their governments performance against policy parameters is the main subject discussed in this ebook.


Part 3/5 in the Blockchain Series discusses the real-time linking your Social Security number with a biometric private key, that allows any government to keep track of an Individual's identity, thus digitally extending their right to vote & and voice opinions on elections, policies, regulations & other Governance related functions on a distributed platform.


Part 4/5 discusses the need for Energy providers to undertake a more transparent & efficient process of distributing Energy among consumers by using a Cryptocurrency token called "Energon". By incorporating green, renewable energies & letting consumers feed energy back into the grid, creates a democratic incentivization system that is beneficial to all stakeholders on the platform.

Fact Checking

Part 5/5 of the Blockchain Series discusses one of the most important & concerning issues of today, the ability to warp facts and discredit sources by propagating sensational news. We dive deep into the topic of source based reporting & discuss a platform that records media like pictures, reports, video & audio with a geo tag, timestamp & author that is immutable by nature & is stored on a blockchain.


Do you forsee an implementation in your industry?